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Covid-19 Update

Krash Labs has always evolved and shrunk and grown to meet demands and changes in technology, funding and needs. In a post covid world we are changing again.

Unfortunately we have made the decision to stop running our regular events (Saturdays & holiday clubs) in Scarborough. Demand has been steadily reducing over the last year or so and social distancing and Covid Safe regulations will make the sessions financially difficult and not much fun for the attendees. We may well run smaller events that are funded and targeted in the future. Please keep your eye out on emails and Facebook updates to hear about them.

For the foreseeable future we will be focussing on working with individuals, particularly those with neurodiverse conditions such as autism and ADHD, and helping them develop them technical skills and improve their future employability.

Whilst our main focus will be in our own region of North Yorkshire, we are happy to discuss opportunities nationwide.

Alternative Provision

From September we will offering limited Alternative Provision placements. These are targetted 1-1 support sessions to individuals who struggle in mainstream school but have a particular skill or interest in computing particularly cyber-security, programming and networking.

About Krash Labs

Established in 2012, Krash Labs specialises in working with young people and technology. From 1-1 tutoring to large scale events involving thousands of visitors we have always worked to help and inspire.